Marilyn Westfall

Marilyn Westfall

Marilyn Westfall is a former board member of the American Humanist Association and previous director of First Unitarian Universalist Church in Lubbock. Along with Michael Jones, she co-founded The Eloquent Atheist (still archived online @ She has written and published on issues surrounding faith, humanism, and Unitarian Universalism; she also writes poetry and essays.

God, Dogmatism, and Morality

“God, at least the God we used to worship, can now be recognized as a device of the human imagination. Morality, it follows, is equally a human invention. Common sense must replace the scriptures and the priesthood as the validator of our moral code. And why not? Part of the modern humanist ethic is the [...]

Raising Cain? Proceed with Caution

The question “Should Herman Cain’s Accusers Step Forward?” is being answered by the actions of women who are, perhaps reluctantly, making their way into the media glare. This is the case with Karen Kraushaar who received a settlement from the National Restaurant Association in the late 1990s, after allegedly being harassed by Cain. Her name [...]

Baylor’s Wave III Religion Survey

Question: How do you interpret [Baylor’s] data about the supremacy of a strong, loving relationship with God? From what I see, the survey data is somewhat confounding. According to the survey, those without a college education and without great economic resources have more than twice the number of reported mental health events than those with good [...]